About Us

Moi Street Label

Moi Street is our modest clothing label - designed in UAE, and styled by customers worldwide. Our label “Moi Street” includes the French word “Moi” which means “me”. As we believe that fashion is all about displaying one’s own identity, we have unraveled this fashion street for modest wearers. It’s where you get to choose your own style statement along with multiple design variations, convenience, and timely deliveries.
We deliver unique abaya designs crafted with premium fabric quality and modest intricacy. Designed by our top fashion gurus, Moi Street follows the Made in UAE concept to give you premium quality clothing and design.
Moi Street Collection
To display your grace with minimal effort, Moi Street have taken abaya fashion one step further to offer a bigger range of modest trends. Our fashion apparel is solely designed to bring more variety to abaya fashion. Shopping for abaya and making your fashion moments memorable have now become easier with the Moi Street collection.
We are pushing boundaries by introducing vibrant colors and patterns for abayas- which we believe was long overdue in this assortment. Our styles are handpicked to lift your spirits and express your modesty in ways you could have never imagined.
Our Motto
At the heart of it, our motto is to bring variety in Abaya Fashion. If you are looking for head-turning modest wear that’s one-of-a-kind, Moi Street is what awaits you!
Our Vision
To make our abaya brand break through the mainstream and become one of the world’s favorite modest-fashion destination.